• 3M Ctr. 3M Centre
    1151 Richmond Street. London N6A 3K7
  • ACEB. Amit Chakma Engineering Building
  • AFAR. Advanced Facility For Avian Research
    N6G 1G9
  • AH. Alumni Hall
    1151 Richmond Street. London N6A 5B
  • AHB. Arts & Humanities Building 
    1151 Richmond Street. London N6A 3K7
  • AHR. Alumni House Residence
    1151 Richmond Street. London N6A 5B7
  • AR. Government of Canada Agriculture Institute
    1391 Sandford. London N5B 3V5
  • AUHR. Ausable Hall Residence
    271 Windemere Road. London N6G 2J7
  • AWC. Alumni Western Centre (BMO)
    1151 Richmond Street. London N6A 3K6
  • BAHR. Bayfield Hall Residence
    291 Windermere Road. London N6G 2J9
  • BEB. Bio – Engineering Building
    1151 Richmond Street. London N6A 5B9
  • BFMC. Byron Family Medical Centre
    1228 Commissioners Road W. London N6K 1C7
  • BGG. Biological & Geological Greenhouses
    1151 Richmond Street. London N6A 5B7
  • BGSB. Biological & Geological Sciences Building
    1151 Richmond Street. London N6A 5B7
  • BHR. Beaver Hall Residence
    287 Windermere Road. London N6G 2J7
  • BH. Boiler House
    1151 Richmond Street. London N6A 5B9
  • BIO. Biotron
    1151 Richmond Street. London N6A 5B8
  • BLWT. Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel
    N6A 5B9
  • BP. Books Plus
    1153 Western Rd, London, ON N6G 1G6
  • BUC. Brescia University College
    1285 Western Road. London N6G 1H2
  • CB. Collip Medical Research Building
    N6A 5B7
  • CC. Convergence Centre
    999 Collip Cir, London, ON N6G 0J3
  • CCC. University Child Care Centre
    N6G 1G8
  • CHB. Chemistry Building
    N6A 5B7
  • CHWO. Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario
    800 Commissioner’s Rd. E. London N6C 2V5
  • CMLP. Claudette Mackay-Lassonde Pavilion
  • CO. Cronyn Observatory
    N6A 5B9
  • COL. The Collider (formerly Accelerator)
  • CPRI. Children’s Psychiatric Research Institute
    P.O. Box 2460 Sanatorium Rd. London N6A 4G6
  • CSB. Dr. Don Rix Clinical Skills Learning Building
    N6A 5C1
  • CSFM. Centre for Studies in Family Medicine
    UWO Research Park, Ste 245, Mogenson Building. London N6G 4X8
  • CTFPHC. Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care
    Room A575, ParkWood Hospital, 801 Commissioners. London N6C 5J1
  • CYDC. Centre to Child & Youth Development Clinic (BMO)
    1163 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3K6
  • DHR. Delaware Hall Residence
    N6A 5B7
  • DRO. Delaware Radio Observatory
    RR#1. Delaware N0L 1E0
  • DSB. Dental Sciences Building
    N6A 5C1
  • EC. Elborn College
    N6G 1H1
  • EESS. East Electrical Sub-station
  • EHR. Essex Hall Residence
    1200 Western Road. N6G 5E3
  • ELHR. Elgin Hall Residence
    N6A 5B9
  • EO. Elginfield Observatory
    RR#3. Granton. N0M 1V0
  • ESW. Environmental Science Western Field Station
    22312 Wonderland Road. London N0M 2A0
  • FEB. John George Althouse Faculty of Education Building
    N6G 1G7
  • FNB. FIMS & Nursing Building
    N6G 1G8
  • FPC. Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research
    2520 Advanced Ave. N6M 0E1
  • GL. Gibbons Lodge
    1836 Richmond Street. N6A 4B6
  • GSB. Graphics Services Building
    N6G 1G9
  • HSA. Health Sciences Addition
    N6A 5C1
  • HSB. Arthur & Sonia Labatt Health Sciences Building
    N6A 5B9
  • HUC. Huron University College
    1349 Western Road. N6G 1H3
  • ICFAR. Institute For Chemicals & Fuels from Alternative Resources
    22312 Wonderland Road. N0M 2A0
  • IGAB. International and Graduate Affairs Building
    N6A 3K7
  • IMTI. National Research Council Integrated Materials Technology Institute
    800 Collip Cir, London, ON N6G 4X8
  • IRL. Insurance Research Lab For Better Homes
  • ISLC. Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre
    551 Windermere Rd, London, ON N5X 2T1
  • IVEY. Richard Ivey Building
    1255 Western Road. N6G 0N1
  • KB. Kresge Building
    N6A 5C1
  • KUC. King’s University College
    266 Epworth Avenue. N6A 2M3
  • LAHR. Lambton Hall Residence
    1421 Western Road. N6G 4W4
  • LB. Josephine Spencer Niblett Faculty of Law Building 
    1151 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3K7
  • LHSC-SSH. London Health Sciences Centre – South Street Hospital
    375 South Street, PO Box 5375. N6A 4G5
  • LHSC-UH. London Health Sciences Centre – University Hospital
    339 Windermere Road, PO Box 5339. N6A 5A5
  • LHSC-VH. London Health Sciences Centre – Victoria Hospital
    800 Commissioners Road East, PO Box 5010. N6A 4S2
  • LIDAR. Light Detection and Ranging Research Facility
  • LOHR. London Hall Residence
    1140 Western Road. N6G 0A3
  • LRCC. London Regional Cancer Centre
    790 Commissioners Road East. N6A 4L6
  • LRI. Lawson Research Institute
    268 Grosvenor Street. N6A 4V2
  • LWH. Lawson Hall Residence
    N6A 5B8
  • MB. Music Building
    N6A 3K7
  • MBL. Molecular Biology Laboratory
    N6A 3K7
  • MC. Middlesex College
    N6A 5B7
  • MG. McIntosh Gallery
    N6A 3K7
  • MHR. Medway Hall Residence
    N6A 5B9
  • MOA. Museum of Ontario Archaeology
    1600 Attawandaron Rd. N6G 3M6
  • MOG. Mogenson Building
    100 Collip, UWO Research Park. N6G 4X8
  • MSA. Material Science Addition
    N6A 5B7
  • MSB. Medical Sciences Building
    N6A 5C1
  • Mt.St.J. Mount St Josephs
    1490 Richmond Street North. London N6G 2M3
  • NCB. North Campus Building
    N6A 5B7
  • NESS. North Electrical Sub-station
  • NSC. Natural Sciences Centre
    N6A 5B7
  • OHR. Ontario Hall Residence
    230 Sarnia Road. N6G 0N2
  • PAB. Physics & Astronomy Building
    N6A 3K7
  • PCHU. Population & Community Health Unit
    UWO Research Park, Ste 245, Mogenson Building. London N6G 4X
  • PHFM. Western Centre for Public Health & Family Medicine
    1465 Richmond St, London, ON N6G 2M1
  • PHR. Perth Hall Residence
    N6G 5K8
  • PLE. Platt’s Lane Estates (Rental Office Building #536)
    N6G 3A8
  • PP. Power Plant
  • PPL. Photoperiod Laboratory
  • Priv Off. Private Office
  • PW. Parkwood Hospital
    801 Commissioners Road East. N6C 5J1
  • RMHC-L. Regional Mental Health Care-London
    850 Highbury Avenue. N6A 4H1
  • RMHC-ST. Regional Mental Health Care- St. Thomas
    467 Sunset Drive , P.O. Box 2004. St. Thomas
  • RRI. Robarts Research Institute
    P.O. Box 5015. London N6A 5K8
  • SC. Stiller Centre
    700 Collip Circle. N6G 4X8
  • SDRI.  Siebens Drake Research Institute
    1400 Western Road. N6G 2V4
  • SEB. Alexander Charles Spencer Engineering Building
    N6A 5B9
  • SESS. South Electrical Sub-station
  • SH. Somerville House
    N6A 3K7
  • SJFMDC. St. Joseph’s Family Medical & Dental Centre
    346 Platt’s Lane. London N6G 1J1
  • SJHC. St. Joseph’s Health Centre
    268 Grosvenor Street. N6A 4V2
  • SLB. Stevenson-Lawson Building
    N6A 5B8
  • SMHR. Saugeen-Maitland Hall Residence
    289 Windermere Road. N6G 2J8
  • SpH. Spencer Hall
    551 Windermere Road. N6A 4B
  • SSB. Support Services Building
    1393 Western Road. N6G 1G9
  • SSC. Social Science Centre
    N6A 5C2
  • STAB. Staging Building
    N6A 5B7
  • StMH. St. Mary’s Hospital
    N6A 1Y6
  • STVH. Stevenson Hall
    N6A 5B8
  • SWMHC. Southwest Middlesex Health Centre
    22262 Mill Road. Mt. Brydges. N0L 1W0
  • SWORM. Southwestern Ontario Rural Medicine Unit
    53 North Street. Goderich N7A 2T5
  • SYHR. Sydenham Hall Residence
    N6A 5B9
  • TC. Talbot College
    N6A 3K7
  • TDS. TD Waterhouse Stadium
    N6A 5B9
  • TEB. Thompson Engineering Building
    N6A 5B9
  • TH. Thames Hall
    N6A 3K7
  • TL. The Allyn and Betty Taylor Library
    N6A 5B7 
  • TRAC. Thompson Recreation and Athletics Centre
    N6A 5B9
  • TVCC. Thames Valley Children’s Centre
    779 Base Line Road East
    N6C 5Y6
  • TVFPRU. Thames Valley Family Research Unit
    UWO Research Park, Ste 245, Mogenson Building. London N6G 4X8
  • UC. University College
    N6A 3K7
  • UCC. University Community Centre
    N6A 3K7
  • UYCC. University YMCA Child Care
    1141 Western Rd, London, ON N6G 1G6
  • VAC. John Labatt Visual Arts Centre
    Perth Dr, London, ON N6A 3K7
  • VFMC. Victoria Family Medical Centre
    60 Chesley Avenue. London N5Z 2C1
  • WCCC. Western Child Care Centre
  • WCS. Western Centre for Continuing Studies
    Citi Plaza Rm 240, 355 Wellington. London N6A 3N7
  • WESS. West Electrical Sub-station
  • WH. Westminster Hall361 Windermere Road. N6A 3K7
  • WINDEEE. Wind Engineering, Energy & Environment
  • WIRB. Western Interdisciplinary Research Building
    1151 Richmond Street North. London N6A 5B7
  • WL. The D.B. Weldon Library
    N6A 3K7
  • WMCC. Windermere Manor Conference Centre
    200 Collip Circle, UWO Research Park N6G 4X8
  • WMH. Windermere Manor Hotel
    200 Collip Circle, UWO Research Park N6G 4X8
  • WR53. Used BookStore
    1153 Western Road. London N6G 1G6
  • WR89. 1389 Western Road
    N6A 5B9
  • WSC. The Laurene O. Paterson Building, Western Science Centre
    N6A 5B7
  • WSRC. Western Student Recreation Centre
    N6A 5B9
  • WSSB. Western Student Services Building
    N6A 3K7
  • WTC. Western Tennis Club
  • WVB. West Valley Building
    N6A 5C1

COVID-19 Statement

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the London 2021 Local Organizing Committee is closely following updates from regional and national authorities, and planning accordingly for this fast-evolving situation. The health, safety, and well-being of all participants is our priority consideration in our decisions, and we will provide updates on this site as needed.

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