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GAC-MAC 2021 Educators Workshop

Educator Professional Learning Workshop 

Saturday, November 6th 2021


Organizers: Alysha McNeil (Western University), Lesley Hymers (Mining Matters), Deana Schwarz (APGO Education Foundation) and Beth McLarty Halfkenny (the Canadian Geoscience Education Network) geocollections@uwo.ca

Join members of the Geoscience Education community for a unique professional learning opportunity. The Educators Professional Learning Workshop and Virtual Field Trip is an instructional development program like no other! Planned in conjunction with the Geological Association of Canada/Mineralogical Association of Canada Conference, the Workshop will provide instructional development in foundational and applied Earth sciences, with a focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The content will showcase hands on learning activities and curriculum connections for both elementary and secondary Educators. 

The Workshop will be held in the Department of Earth Sciences, at Western University and be facilitated by Earth science technical specialists and educators from across Ontario. Participating educators will receive a Kit of resources for use in their classrooms and access to a virtual paleontology themed field trip.  

The Workshop is currently planned to be held in-person but may change to virtual delivery as a result of local and provincial COVID-19 policies and procedures.  

Enrollment is limited to 20 and registration is required. Registration will close on October 20th or when all spots have been filled. The fee for registration is $50.00+HST (Western University HST number 10816 2587 RT0001). Lunch is provided. The workshop is open to all formal and informal Educators.

Please fill out the form available here to express interest in attending this Workshop. You will be notified about how to complete your registration when the Conference registration opens. 

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GAC-MAC 2021 Public Talks

The GAC-MAC 2021 Outreach and Education committee are hosting a number of public geoscience talks that will coincide with the GAC-MAC 2021 conference. More talks will be added as speakers are confirmed. Please check back for more information closer to the conference. 

Speaker: Christina Sydorko, Education and Program Coordinator for the Oil Museum of Canada, Oil Springs, Ontario

Virtual or in-person: In person (mode of delivery may change as a result of local and provincial COVID-19 policies)

Date and time: TBD

Title: Geology and Innovation collide to create the first commercial oil industry in Southern Ontario, 1858.

Description: Creative thinking about how to access and use geologic resources are at the core of the oil industry that emerged in 1858, Oil Springs. We examine the events that led to the Black Gold Rush, environmental degradation and recovery of Canada’s oldest and still productive oil fields. This is a place where you can still see, touch and smell raw crude oil as it oozes out of the ground on the site of the Oil Museum of Canada.

Speaker: Dr. Meagan Gilbert, Resident Geologist, Ministry of Energy and Resources, Government of Saskatchewan 

Virtual or in-person: In person (mode of delivery may change as a result of local and provincial COVID-19 policies)

Date and time: TBD

Title: A Lost World: Understanding Saskatchewan’s lost environments and ecosystems and their role in understanding our changing landscapes

Description: Southwestern Saskatchewan boasts a rich history preserved in badlands that span roughly 75 million years of Earth’s History. The information these rocks contain can help us make sense of changes in ecosystems and environments over time, and help us contextualize changes we see moving into the future.

Speaker: Matt Devereux, Western University Alumnus

Virtual or in-person: In person (mode of delivery may change as a result of local and provincial COVID-19 policies)

Date and time: TBD

Title: Canada’s Greatest Treasure: The Burgess Shale

Description: Discover Canada’s best kept secret fossil treasure, hidden just out of sight along the Trans-Canada Highway and nestled high in the Canadian Rockies. We will explore the setting, history and significance of the site, and look at some of the best preserved and oldest fossils in the world.

GAC-MAC 2021 School Events

The GAC-MAC 2021 Outreach and Education committee are hosting a number of virtual talks specifically for elementary and high school educators to join in with their classrooms. These virtual talks will be presented as a Zoom Webinar. Events will be added as speakers are confirmed. If you are an educator interested in having your classroom participate in one of these talks listed below, please sign up here or email geocollections@uwo.ca for more details. 

Speaker: Dr. Denis K. Tetreault, Laboratory Demonstrator/Coordinator, University of Windsor

Grades: 7 and 8

Date and time: Wednesday, November 3rd 2021 from 10:00am to 11:00am

Title: Discovering the Modern Dinosaur

Description: Earlier views on dinosaurs reconstructed them as slow, dull, cumbersome behemoths. In more recent decades, new information learned from fossils has changed that view. Modern reconstructions show them not only as fast, agile and smart, but in the most recent research, also highly social. We will look at what we know about dinosaurs today and some of the new paleontological evidence for those concepts.

Speaker: Dr. Dean McDonald, Richard W. Hutchinson Visiting Industrial Professor in Mineral Deposits Studies, Western University, and former Senior Vice President of Exploration at Hecla Mining

Grades:  9, 10, 11, and 12

Date and time: Tuesday, November 2nd 2021 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm 

Title:  Earth Sciences Rock – Exploring a Career as a Geologist

Description: Earth Scientists are highly sought after and are employed in some of the highest paying jobs in Canada due to society’s growing demand for resources that define our daily life. However, most people don’t consider Earth Sciences as a possible career option. Join Dr. Dean McDonald, former Senior Vice President of Exploration at Hecla Mining, to discuss the multitude of careers available in the Earth Sciences and how geoscientists play a vital role in today’s society. 

COVID-19 Statement

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the London 2021 Local Organizing Committee is closely following updates from regional and national authorities, and planning accordingly for this fast-evolving situation. The health, safety, and well-being of all participants is our priority consideration in our decisions, and we will provide updates on this site as needed.

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